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I want to share with you the story of the walking aids I create so you see the process from start to finish.

First I search charity shops, in person and online for pre-loved walking sticks.  I don't choose the metal walking aids as these are more difficult to decorate.  They can be moved up or down so a pattern would be distorted and also the paint and decoration won't adhere so well so would ruin easily.  So, I stick to wooden canes to decorate. 

When I get them home I take off the ferrules, (rubber slip stoppers), then I wash the canes and hang them out to dry!  My garden clothes drying rack has become their new hanging place!

I then paint/decorate them and each walking aid will be protected by at least 3 coats of yacht varnish to ensure weather durability.

Then of course they will be individually added to my pages here and each stick will have its own BUY IT NOW button (for UK purchases only).

Each walking aid or pointy stick will be securely packaged and sent to you with insured signed for delivery.

Image: Tunbridge Wells Mobility Bling

Image: Tunbridge Wells Mobility Bling

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