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Faith and hope is part of our past, present and future. 

I'm not talking about religion. I'm personally not a religious person in any way at all and in fact I'd call myself an atheist, but I am a spiritual person. I feel I relate to the universe and in my art I find myself drawn to circles and goddesses and talismen and mystical charms.  And I do know from personal experience that this mystical belief has helped me through my own bouts of pain where my kidney problems are concerned. 

Pain managements can be learned in a variety of ways and for me personally, the practice of creating helps me put aside my own pain issues for a while.  And maybe - just maybe a part of me through my art can help you.  I hope so.

In this section I will be adding artworks made by myself which you can purchase from the links below each item.  I don't mass produce so each item will be unique to and for you.  If you see something and would like similar made for you, just email me from the contact details at the bottom of the page and I will chat with you and we can go from there. 

Please remember this part is under construction so do keep looking back as I will be adding as speedily as I can from my studio here in Tunbridge Wells in Kent.
Thank you.




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