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Going round in circles?

Hello my mobility challenged friends!
Me too!

If you are looking for a site about mobility issues you have come to the right place! I live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, but with the magic of the Internet you can buy from me if you live in Edinburgh or Cornwall.  You can even buy from me if you are in Japan or France (More on that later).

This new site is under construction - and I am busy blinging up walking sticks!  Yes, you read right.  I take previously loved walking sticks and I paint them, I add glitz and glam to them, I add fabric to them - or all three!   I colour with magic and sparkles and glam and fabric and all of my sticks are one of a kind, just for you.

Why?  I have a replacement hip and I have used a stick on MANY occasion and being the mad artist I am, I have also decorated my walking stick - well - why not, eh?

Who am I?

My name is Susan Rose and I first moved to Tunbridge Wells when I trained as a children's nurse back in 1970 - 73.  I moved back here about 25 years ago and here is my home with the people I love.  I am a volunteer with the domestic abuse charity DAVSS (link below) and I operate 2 online stores from where I sell my mixed media art.  Have a click below to see more about me.

As this site is new I'm working on the bits and bobs here and I'll be adding pictures as soon as I possibly can so you can see the walking aids as they progress.  I am creating away and finishing off in the background, so please keep me saved and keep popping back to see what's been added.

Domestic Abuse Charity DAVSS based in Tunbridge Wells

My online store selling mixed media art and jewellery



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